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We want you to smile.

We are not just a dental implant company. We are the Evolution of Ceramic Implantology.

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Zirconia Z7 Implants have excellent biointegration. It is scientifically proven and certified by ISO 10993 standards.



Our Implants come in a simple package and ready to remove the packaging and be used, making them easy to use.



We produce Implants with CIM technologies that provide maximum purity in the implantable surface, do not leave residues in the environment; and they use 90% less energy.



The whiteness and translucency of Z7 Dental Implants gives them superior aesthetics, allowing no gray shadows to be observed even with thin or receding gums

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Introducing the Z7 Implant System to the United States: The Evolution of Ceramic Dental Implants
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Benefits of Zirconia

Backed by more than 15 years of clinical data and endorsed by renowned dental associations worldwide, the Z7 Zirconia Implant System provides countless benefits for both patients and clinicians.

Metal-free, no corrosion risk.

Low bacterial adherence prevents gum retraction.

Better esthetics outcome by natural tonality and translucency. No risk of dark shadow zones.

Better oral and general health in the long term through absence of ions-release and invasive particles.

No risks of metal allergies or sensitivities.

Biological safety given to low thermal/ electromagnetic conductivity.

Superior bio integration and low risk of peri implantitis due to low bacterial affinity or adherence.

Higher safety due to high mechanical performance and impurity-free implant surfaces

Exclusive surface development with macro, micro and nano roughness pattern.